Data Monetization Redefined

Introducing a new way to monetize data without sacrificing customer privacy. Yobi’s Behavioral Genome extracts signal from datasets without revealing personal or descriptive information. Companies can use Yobi’s technology to protect customer privacy in addition to preventing the commoditization of their valuable data asset.

Benefits of Yobi’s Platform

Increased Revenue

Safely unlock new monetization opportunities in partnership with Yobi.

Transparent Accounting

Access a private dashboard to forensically analyze all usage of your data throughout Yobi’s ecosystem.

Privacy Preserving

Yobi’s Technology enables you to preserve the value of your data and the privacy of your customers.

Review Process


Together, we begin our discussion of your data and its attributes


We analyze how consent is sourced and the transparency around data collection


We examine how accurate your data is and any potential bias or sampling limitations


We determine the predictive quality of your dataset in accurately identifying future events


Once testing is finalized, together we evaluate the partnership opportunity


We organize transfers and integrations then unify our datasets


You start monetizing!

Yobi's Competitive Difference

Data BrokerData MarketplaceProgrammatic Audiences
Privacy Preserving
Predictive and Cleansed
Increase Value of Data
No Technical Experience Required

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