A New Way To Work with Behavioral Data

Yobi centralizes the acquisition and maintenance of third party datasets, eliminating the complexity created by managing multiple partners, varying quality and technical capability, and unclear ethical motivations.

Benefits of Yobi’s Platform


Expanded Feature Set

Create a full profile on customer behavior by integrating Yobi’s privacy preserving signals to drive modeling and analysis


Pre-Processed and Structured Data

Reduce excess time spent on the maintenance and hygiene of third party data. Yobi’s team of data scientists clean and test all data for quality to guarantee faster model deployment


Transfer Data Across the Cloud

Export Yobi Data to any cloud provider, warehouse, or digital storage infrastructure. Yobi Data can be exported in your file type of choice


Predictive Representations of Behavior

Yobi’s Behavioral Genome is explicitly designed to retain the predictive power of the raw behavioral signals on which they’re based. This is achieved by combining scientific insights from modern cognitive and behavioral science with predictive methods from industrial ML.


Privacy Preserving

Yobi’s Behavioral Genome retains the predictive power of raw behavioral signals, but are not human readable, allowing data scientists to use this data for prediction without revealing the attributes of any individual customer

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