Unify your first party data with Yobi to create an enterprise specific Behavioral Graph of your customers

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Access critical data needed to understand customer decision making and competitive performance


Match all first party data or CRM to Yobi’s Behavioral Graph

High Match Rates

Yobi averages 90% coverage in matching across all online and offline identifiers

Yobi Audiences

Access Yobi Audiences for almost every product, service, and brand to uncover behavioral trends, loyalty, and performance. No data required.

Resolve blindspots in first party data by creating a 360° Yobi profile of Customer behavior

"Yobi identified trends that would have been impossible to leverage traditional sources to learn about".

Director of Analytics, Ecommerce Brand

Use cases

Unified Customer Intelligence

  • Maximize analytic value by unifying a complete profile of behavior across Yobi’s dataset.
  • Uncover causal relationships across signals driving product sales or digital engagement.
  • Visualize a full path to purchase and create a customer journey across the online and offline world
  • Measure the impact of advertising or other signals that impact decision making across cohorts.

Sales Strategy

  • Discover and monetize unique relationships between your audience and external brands and services.
  • Intelligence uncovers unexpected but profitable opportunities around ad sales, sponsorship, and investment.
  • Utilize Yobi’s predictive analytics to forecast impact from potential partnerships.

Competitive Intelligence

  • Analyze audiences from almost every US brand, product, and service.
  • Evaluate transactional churn and the signals driving the path to purchase.

Media Planning

  • Identify the most valuable media based on where your audience spends their time online and offline.
  • Evaluate the causal or predictive impact different publishers have on driving engagement or sales for brands or services.
  • Forecast potential media conversion and value across the omnichannel universe.

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