Democratizing Data-Driven Behavioral Science

Yobi has produced the first dynamic, privacy preserving AI model of consumer behavior. Our representations can be utilized to improve customer experience, advertising performance, insights, and modeling.

Benefits of Yobi’s Platform


Revenue Optimization

Enhance the value of your ad inventory and dramatically increase revenue by extracting all potential engagement and profit from customers


Precise Ad Targeting

Improve the effectiveness of advertising by incorporating accurate hyper-targeting and predictions of customer intent across marketing channels


Powerful Insights

Combine your first party data with Yobi’s rich dataset to create an unparalleled unified view of consumer behavior


Privacy Guaranteed

Earn customer trust and rapidly maximize technology and revenue capabilities in a privacy preserving environment

Fully Customizable


Extract Yobi’s pre-processed, cleansed predictive representations for in-house modeling and activation


Navigate Yobi’s easy to use platform to access comprehensive data visualizations of customer behavior and market performance


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