Build models that dynamically represent customer behavior to increase addressability and engagement

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Optimize performance and data science without sacrificing privacy or quality

Privacy Preserving Data

Extract the predictive signal needed to enhance model performance without exposing any personal information

Clean, Tested, Structured

Deploy models faster by working with behavioral data pre-processed and validated by Yobi’s team of data scientists


Build your own models using Yobi’s predictive signals or integrate pre-built predictive models by Yobi’s team

Integrate Yobi’s representations of behavior to expand your feature set and enhance modeling capabilities

Use cases

Advertising Targeting

  • Never miss an advertising opportunity again.
  • Quantitatively understand the impact of your media in organically driving sales and engagement for external brands.
  • Combine your customer data with Yobi to discover purchasing intent and dynamically position the best ads based on predicted future behavior.


  • Optimize engagement and revenue by expertly personalizing individual experiences on a site or app.
  • Connect your first party customer data with Yobi to create complete customer journeys and understand intent in real time.
  • Strategically organize and prioritize content that maximizes engagement potential.

Behavior Predictions

  • Control your future. Uncover the drivers of growth and hidden behavioral trends for your business with Yobi’s predictive models.
  • Discover external factors that impact revenue and engagement.
  • Safely prepare for any disruption in behavior throughout the marketplace.

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