Harness the Power of Predictive Data Science

Optimize revenue and customer experience in a privacy centric ecosystem.

Yobi’s Behavioral Genome was Forged at the Intersection of Consumer Behavior and AI

We leverage machine learning to produce statistical representations of customer behavior across Yobi’s Behavioral Graph without sacrificing privacy or quality.

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Build a Complete Profile of Customer Behavior

Unify your customer data with Yobi’s Behavioral Graph to safely access one of the world’s largest consent based datasets.

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Ignite Business Growth and Marketing Conversion

Yobi’s combination of advanced machine learning technology with high quality behavioral data more accurately identifies prospective customers across digital, mobile, OOH, and TV.

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Safely Personalize Every Experience

Utilize privacy preserving predictive signals to enhance engagement, monetization, and relevance with your customers.

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Yobi Powers Privacy Centric Businesses

Decrease Security Risk of Breaches

Yobi’s Machine Readable Data contains all of the signal without the possibility of revealing or reverse engineering personal information.

Empower Ethically Competitive Data Science

Optimize data science capabilities without sacrificing customer privacy or trust.

Eliminate Data Leakage

Centralize your data acquisition strategy through Yobi’s Platform.

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